Global Assets Protection  
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About Us

  A need was identified for a unique secure, interactive, effective and reliable solution for the insurance Industry and Insured parties to facilitate instant communication extending to include law enforcement, second hand dealers, retailers and manufactures. Thus Global Assets Protection was born, leading to the founding of Linksat Systems (PTY) LTD in 2006.

The system has since grown in both functionality and world leading technology to be the comprehensive product it is at this moment in time.
  CEO Cliff Brooke and Director Rob Head with a combined 70 years insurance experience including Insurance Company CEO, Loss Adjusting and Risk Surveying, have seen the devastating effect inaccurate cover and crime has had on individuals. They bring to your finger tips certainty in a very uncertain world.  
  It is the responsibility of individuals in conjunction with their Insurers to remain accurately and adequately insured at all times, whilst exercising their right to combat crime that affects everyone.  
  Protect yourself and Exercise your right now. Ask your insurance broker or insurance company about Global Assets Protection.  

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